Blue-Haired Girl

The lovely, blue-haired girl, Annie Hamilton (of Sydney trio, Little May) was patient enough to visit my studio to sit for some sketches and colour studies.

Having met when collaborating (I created an artwork based on their song Remind Me) on the Little May album launch exhibition, Art For The Company, Annie stuck me as such a vibrant, inspirational young woman. She is the girl I wanted to become ‘when I grew up’, back when I was a teenager in the late nineties; a guitarist in an band touring the world with huge acts like The National, who also manages to work as a designer (for independent radio station, FBI) and draw in her spare time. I thought she would make the perfect subject, and her delicate pixie features, fair skin and bright aquamarine eyes, have been a bonus.

I wanted to start getting some practice doing portraits the old fashioned way – rather than working solely from photos and collage as I usually would. Working from life is far more difficult, as your subject moves and there’s no way to cheat in getting the scale and proportions ‘right’. Though there’s something honest and vulnerable about working one on one with a sitter – for both involved really – and I think that there is beauty in that space. It’s really humanising.

I have started developing a mixed media, side-profile portrait on paper from the initial sketches, so far just working in watercolour and acrylic. Will keep you posted on how it evolved over the coming weeks.

Sketching Annie Hamilton