‘Tama’ : Nine Metre Work in Progress

As mentioned in the last post (Delicately Detailed.), my current nine metre work in progress is in part an effort to challenge my ‘Virgo tendencies’, and loosen up with my work.

Work in Progress

It’s an extension of what has been (so far) a year long journey to re-ground. It is a response to a cultural, and innately personal, discontentment; the restlessness, the addiction to instant gratification, and hyper stimulation; symptoms of ‘progression’ and technological advancement.

I have been interested in learning from traditional, and particularly nomadic cultures, and the practices that maintain a strong connection with themselves, Nature, the community, and the greater sense of Henosis. The oversized work on paper takes inspiration from ‘field research’ on the Greek island of Samos, in the north-eastern Aegean. It references my ancestral history on the island, the traditional artisan practices of the local and Sepecides Romani cultures in the community and their spiritual talismans and rituals.

I have been experimenting in a process that reveals the layers, the vulnerabilities.

Working on the ground, and mostly outside, I paint in watercolours with my hands, or with a brush on a long stick, and occasionally I revert (almost unconsciously) to working up close with a fine brush. I hose the work, and remind myself to let go. In many ways it’s a meditation, allowing the thoughts or the process to pass, without judgement.

Usually I am very protective of my paper (I’ve always considered it a fragile material), but I am allowing the elements to move it, for Pele to walk and sleep on it… I even found a water dragon sunbaking on it. It is taking on the ‘dirt’ from the environment it is in, and in many ways becoming a part of it. I am finding that it is far more resilient than I thought.

Work in Progress

You can continue following my process on Instagram, and see the final result in a few weeks at the UNSW Art & Design Graduate Exhibition, Three Point Turn.

In the meantime, wish me luck!