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Work in Progress

A ‘Side Project’ called Lawrence St Makers

For quite some time I’ve dreamt of establishing a gallery, or creative space, where independent artists, designers and makers can share their creativity and inspire other people in..
Work in Progress

‘Tama’ : Nine Metre Work in Progress

As mentioned in the last post (Delicately Detailed.), my current nine metre work in progress is in part an effort to challenge my ‘Virgo tendencies’, and loosen..

Delicately Detailed : A Reflection on my Habits

This week Joan Ross, my painting class supervisor at UNSW Art & Design, asked me why I’m naturally drawn to doing detailed, realistic work. So, as I’ve..
In Situ

The home of Eddie Kaul and Richa Pant

I love seeing my work go to a good home! These two are in the beautiful Melbourne home of Eddie Kaul and Richa Pant, as featured on..

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